These are the Terms of Use for any item produced my SDS (Sherry’s Digi Scraps). Included in each kit are specific TOU. Please abide by those.

PU – Personal Use.  Can not be used in any manner to produce anything for sale or which generates income/profit for the purchaser. Personal use only

CU – Commercial Use. The purchaser can use the items in the kit to create NEW items for PU/ S4H or S4O.

S4H – Scrap for Hire. Purchasers can use the items to create items for a client. Whatever the  purchaser creates can be made for profit on a limited basis and not for any mass production. (must include *credit)

S4O – Scrap for Others.  Purchaser can use the kit items to make such things as Quick pages, clusters, etc for giving to others or in a tutorial (must include *credit)

CU4CU – Commercial Use for Commercial Use. Items in the kit can be used by the purchaser to produce/create items for sale. Can be used on sites such as Zazzle, etc to create the items sold on that site and any such site.

Tagging – Signature/Comment Tags. Animation is permitted, recoloring as needed is permitted.  (*Credit is required)

*Credit when required: and/or Scraps by Sherry’s Digi Scraps

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