Free Business Card Design

It has been a short while since I posted… just crazy stuff happening everywhere.

I closed all my Zazzle shops and have not found another print on demand platform where I can upload the business card designs I create so until I do, I will post these here as Freebies (PU only).

This is a Personal Use Only freebie. You can make your own business cards… save the file, customize it with your favorite font and color and upload to Vista Print or some other POD Business Card site you want to use.

The font I used is “Aelia” and it is $18 at MyFonts.

If you don’t want to buy it, you can search for Free 1890s Style Fonts

The zip file contains 2 zip files. 1 in a PSP (Corel) format and 1 in a PSD (Adobe PS 15) format.

The font color I used is: #7f3f0f and the font size is 50pts.

The File is HERE and the password is SDSLWF

If you have any trouble customizing the design, please leave a comment or email me at with the subject line “Lady With Flowers” – sds.

Thank you and hope you like this design.

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